Our precious stakeholders,

As one of the most excited members of the most anticipated project of Turkey, I am fully aware of our tremendous responsibility.

We have started the journey to realize our long-awaited dream. In the process of establishing our strategic roadmap, we have analyzed fundamental tendencies and examined a plethora of company/cases which succeeded/failed in its domain.

Within this process, we have observed the signs of paramount transformation and decided that we need to achieve more than just the development of a car and a brand. More than a vehicle means, a mobility world that emerges with electric and connected vehicles, transformation into third living space, after home and work, enhanced autonomous levels, re-evaluation of vehicle ownership concept and existence of new services.

This new world is a domain that is open to new ideas, governed by new technologies, values entrepreneurship and achieve success with collaborations.

In the world of Togg mobility, we aim to ensure the satisfaction of all our users by offering “products and services that are fully compliant with the highest quality standards and relevant legislation in their field”.

We will exhibit our showcar at the end of 2019 and complete our production facility in the following two years and launch our first product, C-SUV in 2022. We will have a portfolio of 5 models that will address different needs in the market until 2030.

Our project will contribute 50 Billion Dollars to our national GDP, 7 Billion Euros to current account trade deficit, in the 15 years following 2022 and employ 5,000 direct and 20,000 total employment.

Thank you for not leaving us alone supporting our cause in this highly ambitious, challenging but joyous journey.

Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş